In the enterprise world, CRM acts as a backbone in running the business — from sales, marketing to customer service. With the advent of distributed computing, ML & AI. The focus has moved to how devices & apps can make the life of the user more productive by understanding the users context. Every process in a business is being digitized at an ever increasing rate. This rapid shift means customers are looking to move away from monolithic suites that perpetuate disconnected data silos and expensive custom extensibility frameworks to realtime contextual applications which serves the role & job at hand.

UXer Role

The role of a UXer before Design Awareness in the Organization is about reminding business and technology that we exist for serving users. All that matters is what users perceive and it reflects in ROI. If our users think we exist, we exist. It was required to educate the technologists that the purpose of computers is to serve users but not vice versa.

To achieve this awareness, a number of one on one discussions with team leads and players were run and multiple UX Sessions was conducted.

UX Awareness Session —Theme: Good UX is Everyone’s Responsibility

Initially, Design was considered…

Elimination of Annoying Alerts and Dialogs: The current honor store welcomes users with annoying confirmations with alerts and non-modal dialogs. The Cookie Policy Confirmation, Country Selector and Newsletter Subscription. The three of them occupy 32% real-estate on any honor store page opened on a laptop with 1366x768 resolution(most used), more than 50% of the screen on a mobile and on top of that they were non-dismissible. Turns out that, none of them were helping users/business due to their timing, positioning and way of presentation… design to be precise. Let’s look at them one by one

When is the last time you uploaded a profile picture on Facebook or shared a picture on Instagram? How much thinking you had to do?

Probably these questions…

Am I offending someone unintentionally?

Will everyone like it?

Will it have a negative impact?

Seriously… Dude, what’s positive and negative? It’s just a random thought. But this is how we are. Because, we are afraid. We were free initially on any platform. We can be as we like. It didn’t matter to us whether someone likes or dislikes our shit. After all there weren’t many followers. When ever there was a…

Recently, I’m making some silly mistakes while exploring my new surroundings at Bangalore. Well it’s not mine, it’s the mistake of the designer in failing to constraint mistakes…

Let’s take a deeper look.

  • I’ve ordered one recipe instead of other in mind. Later I found that food items might vary even within India to some extent. But, just a thumbnail picture of the recipe might have constrained my mistake. So, I realized that it’s not my mistake anymore.
  • Another fine day, I have entered my card number instead of account number. Usually, account number should be of 10 digits. My…

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