Huawei | UX Role, Research, Collaboration and Impact

UXer Role

The role of a UXer before Design Awareness in the Organization is about reminding business and technology that we exist for serving users. All that matters is what users perceive and it reflects in ROI. If our users think we exist, we exist. It was required to educate the technologists that the purpose of computers is to serve users but not vice versa.

To achieve this awareness, a number of one on one discussions with team leads and players were run and multiple UX Sessions was conducted.

UX Awareness Session —Theme: Good UX is Everyone’s Responsibility

Initially, Design was considered just as a cosmetic during implementation, where a designer had to make the interface look good. The product decisions were never questioned. Serving business was the sole reason for proposing any feature, if it passes technical feasibility, the feature was rolled out. Soon after the attempts of unfolding Design’s role, a designer was asked to approach to help figure out a way of implementing something. Slowly, the Design role was understood and accepted across the variety of teams. In product meetings, a place has been allotted to the Designer and attention was paid to listen to his PoV. This recognition demanded the UXer to direct product’s path which originated with the below research and collaboration…

Usability Testing

Purpose: To find out how satisfied users are with our application and empathize their pain points.

We conducted Usability Testing with 8 participants of various backgrounds to identify issues that prevent the users from achieving what they want to do on our site. The sessions were 30–60 minutes long performed in presence of two of our moderators to guide the participants with a set of specific tasks.

Task 1. Select a smartphone of specific color under Rs. 10,000 & add to cart
Task 2. Look for Honor 8 smartphone and add to cart.
Task 3. Create an Account
Task 4. Place a COD order from cart with different shipping & billing address
Task 5. Cancel your order

The task-wise performance of users was noted, overall usability was assessed using System Usability Scale(SUS) and the system’s percentile ranking was recorded. The issues found during the Usability Testing were categorized into Critical, Major and Minor Issues. The solutions were explored, designed, analyzed, tweaked and the chosen ones were presented for implementation. The implementation ran from 1-4 agile sprints. The results were validated again with a new set of users.

Guerrilla Research

Empathy: Know what users think of us, what they say of us, how they interact with us and how they make use of us. And understand why!

We ran a number of Smartphone launch events, sales and events on Honor Store. Due to the lack of time for in-the-lab research methods for small scale events, a variety of Guerrilla Research methods were employed to understand our real users interacting in real time. Heatmaps / Scroll Rate / Session Recordings / Conversion Analytics / AB Testing / NPS / Feedback Surveys were among them. This enabled us to closely monitor what was happening at the user’s end. Leveraging on the iterative methodology we could quickly identify our strengths and weaknesses. We have defined target metrics to assess our attempts. The best practices were documented and consistently used where as challenges were discussed and alternatives were tried out.

Design Philosophy

Monologue to Dialogue - Within our limits, we designed the activities such that the content interacts with the user and acknowledges their progress. A continuity was built in the interaction and the journey was designed to flow.
Example: Q&A Activity, Bid and Win, Emoji Quiz

Balance Usability & Delight - Finding the right balance between usability and delight was crucial for us. If the visual is attractive but not informative it was not rewarding for us. Nor it is of any worth if it can’t seek any user’s attention in the first place. We attempted purposeful animations for invites such as EDM, social media ads. We made the CTAs informative by revealing some part of the crucial information.


Designing with the team — Listening / Asking Stupid Questions / Playing Devil’s Advocate / Early Prototyping / Testing / Reviews / Surveys

Listening to our Users — User Interviews/ Recordings / Voice your Opinion / Timed-Feedback Forums / Reviews Module / Customer Care

Making it Feasible — ShopDC: The Development Platform | Although the store’s presence is spread across countries, the back bone of all of the happenings is essentially one. The generic components are developed with a limited scope of customization for all use case scenarios. It was important to prioritize functionality by drawing boundaries to the configurations.

Warehouse Visit — Witnessing the packaging of consumer’s First-impressions and shipment at Huawei’s logistics centre.

We began to design what we have been taking for granted. Some of them are

Time Format
Event Titles
Cookie Policy
Image Carousel Interval
Navigation Labels
Internal Scroll Animation
The Hotspots/Clickable Areas
Discover-ability of Homepage Link
Opening links in the same/new tab
Continuity in the Copy
Slashed Price and Grouping
How to reveal content?
Call to Action Buttons
Target Item on Page
Displayed Product Color
Success Message
App Notifications
EDM Structure
Event Page Length
Feedback Timing
URL Naming
Text on Event Pages
Page Load Time
Winning Criteria for Contests

By empathizing and designing for each of these minute details molded our product’s end-user experience and incremental development led to…


350% increase in Fan-base
Average session time on event pages reaching up to 4 times than usual
Massive Advancement in Sales and Real-time Traffic
Enabled Scalability of Events
Website’s SUS score improved by 29

More than these numbers, we get fueled when a user says he has landed on the site just to experience the activities and the content was able to engage him and put a smile on his face or heart.

Passion behind the results…

Design Manager: Vinay Bhatia
Visual Designers: Arun Kumar G, Priyadarshini, Manirathnam, Pradeep BN
Event Management & Operations: Aritro Bhattacharya, Mansher Sidhu, Anish Goyal, Zongshujun
SEO: Rahul Yadav, Raunak Haldipur
Content Writer: Remya N
Development: Balaji Kuruvindam, Shankarappa, Dimpy Joshi, Prabu G, Pallab Jyoti, Manasi Patnaik
Delivery Manager: Ashwin Prabhu
UX Designer: yours truly…